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    FROM THE ARCHIVE: FREAK STORMS LEAVE TRAIL OF DESTRUCTION IN WINTON As high winds are predicted in the area we take a look back in history as Tony Flynn reveals the story of a freak storm that hit Winton in 1965
    JOHN COOPER CLARKE TALKS SALFORD - PART 1 & 2 Filmed on the Liverpool leg of John Cooper Clarke's current UK tour, the original punk poet took time out to talk to SalfordOnline.com about the local inspiration for his poetry and his life growing up in Salford.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: MYSTERY OF SALFORD'S MOST FAMOUS FOOTBALL MATCH SOLVED Tony did a story in August 2011 about a football match that was played at the Willows in May 1949, the final of the Lowther Shield between The Grove and Wellington public houses. Some of the mysteries behind it are revealed in this video.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: HISTORIC MONKS HALL MUSEUM Following on from our feature last week looking at the sad present-day situation with the Monks Hall Museum on Wellington Road in Eccles, we investigate the fine past of this historic building.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: GUNS, SALFORD ALIENS, COPS AND ROBBERS AT GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE MUSEUM Tony was delighted to be invited for a special tour of the fascinating Greater Manchester Police Museum.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: 73 YEARS AGO TODAY - SALFORD NURSES KILLED IN BLITZ BOMBING On 2 June 1941 14 nurses were killed when a German bomb fell on Salford Royal Hospital on Chapel Street.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: SALFORD TOONS & TALENT - KEN REID How many of you have ever heard of the following cartoon characters? 
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: SALFORD SNAPPERS CAUGHT ON CAMERA Whilst filming today by the Bridgewater Canal, I was taken aback when an angler on the shore shouted across, "Watch out for the terrapins mate, they bite!"
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVE: ECCLES FIRST PICTURE HOUSE In this first part of a two part series we will look at the first building in Eccles to be converted into what became, Eccles first picture house - the grandly named Picture House, Public Hall, Patricroft which is still standing on Franklin Street, Patricroft and is know a joinery business ran by the Johnson family.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: RARE 1949 ECCLES HOME VIDEO Eccles in 1949 was a very different place than it is today and this home video taken by John Martin and kindly lent to SalfordOnline.com by the Gunton family shows us exactly that.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: ECCLES SNAKE & DRAGON HOUSE Behind the front door of a neat terraced house in Eccles, there lies an incredible collection of snakes and dragons, I kid you not. Welcome to the home of Mike Aldcroft. 
    FROM THE ARCHIVES: LIFE'S A DRAG AS LANDLORD FINED AND LEWD 'DIAMOND LIL' BANNED A strange tale appeared in the Salford papers in March 1965 of a drag artiste going by the name 'Diamond Lil' who incurred the wrath of local magistrates for his outrageous stage shows.
    FROM THE ARCHIVES: SALFORD'S LAST EVER STEAM TRAIN PUFFS TO A HALT The City of Salford steam train made its final journey in in March 1965 after covering over 900,000 miles throughout the country. 
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: A BRIEF HISTORY OF SALFORD RED DEVILS - PART THREE In this final look at the history of Salford Rugby Club, we get the chance to hear the memories of Salford supporter Jimmy Rushby, aged eighty-five.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: A BRIEF HISTORY OF SALFORD RED DEVILS - PART TWO In this second part of our three-part series looking at the history of Salford City Reds, we look at Salford's revival in fortune from the 1960s onwards.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: A BRIEF HISTORY OF SALFORD RED DEVILS - PART ONE In this three part series on the history of Salford Rugby Club we speak to club historian Graham Morris and longtime fan Jimmy Rushby. 
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVE: PUB SPOTLIGHT - THE WHITE HORSE, ECCLES Tony Flynn (a man never needing an excuse to end up in a pub) took a look around The White Horse, Gilda Brook Road, Eccles, (or is it in Salford as some suggest?), as part of SalfordOnlines Pub Spotlight.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES - BARTON UPON IRWELL A FASCINATING CORNER OF SALFORD  Barton Upon Irwell is surely one of the most interesting and historical areas of Salford, if not the North West.
    FROM THE ARCHIVE: TORRENTIAL FLOODS SEAL MONTON BOY'S FATE The last two weeks of December 1964 saw torrential rain fall in Eccles causing localised flooding, and for one young lad a brush with certain death.
    FROM THE VIDEO ARCHIVES: WEASTE CEMETERY: PART 6 Ralph Milner, better known as The Oldfield Lane Doctor, had a practice on what is now Oldfield Road and he was apprenticed to the famous Dr Taylor, a surgeon and bonesetter. 
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